BMW Clubs, Forums, and Enthusiast Websites

Find others who share your enthusiasm for BMW  

Drivers choose vehicles that match their lifestyle, personality and passions. BMW drivers are united by their love of the iconic power and beauty of the brand, and they have developed the BMW clubs as place to join together and meet other enthusiasts. 


The passion we feel for our work is matched only by that of the BMW Clubs. Our independence and refusal to compromise aren't the only things that separate us from other car companies. We also have one of the most passionate and loyal followings around the world.

BMW of North America officially recognizes the following clubs: 

BMW Car Club of America –

BMW Vintage and Classic Car Club of America –

BMW Riders Association –

BMW Motorcycle Owners Club of America –


All together, there are approximately 125,000 BMW owners in the United States that are a part of these four clubs, and they represent 40 percent of the total BMW global club membership. 

In addition to these clubs that are officially recognized by BMW, there are a number of websites and forums that, while not officially affiliated, are a great place to hang out if you love BMW cars and motorcycles. 

For opinions, personal reviews, or an off-topic conversation with like-minded BMW enthusiasts, these sites are a great place to start.

If you have a question about your vehicle, want to discover the ways that people are restoring and upgrading classic cars or want to find a BMW gathering, you can find a list of these online BMW enthusiast websites and forums at

If you love your BMW and want to talk shop with other fans, you should consider adding club membership to your life. Or, just take a peek at one of the online forums to get started chatting about all things BMW right away.

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