Your BMW Stories

Share your BMW story with the world

Your BMW isn’t just a way to get from place to place, it is an expression of your personality and a part of your life story. Whether you refurbished a classic vehicle, dreamed of a BMW since you were a child, or are an art connoisseur who appreciates its unmistakably luxurious design aesthetic, each BMW story is unique.

Recently, drivers around the world have been sharing their unique adventures with BMW using the hashtag #BMWstories and creating a collective narrative of the BMW community. Looking at the pictures, videos, Facebook posts and Tweets that are shared under this hashtag provides perspective on the unique ways that people and their vehicles experience life together.

“Each and every BMW is associated with individual experiences,” states BMW. “Here you can find out more about other people’s BMW stories. Or become part of this special driving pleasure and tell us about your own personal BMW experience.”

There are so many important life events that you share with your BMW, and now you can share those experiences with the world. Test driving a new vehicle, going on a road trip, driving home with a new baby, changing your tires for spring, taking your dog home from a muddy park visit - experiences both big and small make up your BMW story.

Whether you have a life changing event in your vehicle or are just appreciating life’s little pleasures, use the #BMWstories hashtag to add it to the global collective of stories. If you do, BMW might even share it on one of its social media sites or its website.

“It's your chance to share your Ultimate Driving Machine® experiences with the world and it all starts with a hashtag”.

This article is presented by BMW of Macon in Macon, Georgia.