Roads of the World

Part of owning the Ultimate Driving Machine is knowing the best places to drive it. BMW magazine has a new series focused on the best places to take your car to experience the most spectacular drives.  In part one, the roads are in Asia and Australia.  Our favorite road featured in the first installment is the Old Burma Road in China and Myanmar.  
This road only took two years to build and is the only route from China to the Indian Ocean.  It's available to drive on thanks to Myanmar's new interest in tourism.  If you're not feeling the flight to Myanmar though, we have another suggestion.  
Lombard Street in San Francisco reminds us a lot of the Old Burma Road in China.  Instead of shipping your car overseas, head up to Lombard Street to experience the ultimate handling of your BMW, a little closer to home.   Now that we've told you our favorite roads, we invite you to tell us yours.  Comment below where you love to take your car and why.