Yes it is! In fact, both the new BMW X5 xDrive40i and the BMW X5 xDrive50i for sale here at BMW of Macon come standard with the exemplary xDrive all-wheel drive system. And once you've experienced the difference that having this technology can make in your time on the road, you'll see why the new BMW X5 is one of the most roundly well-regarded Sports Activity Vehicles on the road today.

Now, a lot of luxury brands will tout the effectiveness of their all-wheel drive or 4x4 systems, but by and large, those terms are interchangeable and don't make much difference in terms of dynamics. However, with xDrive on the BMW X5, there's a deeper layer of sophistication than just spreading out power delivery across all four wheels.

You see, incorporated into the xDrive system is a key piece of technology: Dynamic Stability Control. Using an intensive array of sensors, this system can actually detect wheel slippage, and automatically adjust braking and engine power delivery to achieve the optimal traction and control. BMW xDrive can also transfer almost 100 percent of its power to either axle, resulting in a vehicle that not only performs admirably in wet and slippery conditions, but also boasts exemplary agility on winding roads and sharp corners, making the BMW X5 one of the most engaging competitors in its segment.

But while it's all well and good to talk about how the new BMW X5 with xDrive performs, we think you'll find it much more rewarding to experience it for yourself. Drop by our dealership in Macon, GA to test drive the new BMW X5 today.

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