BMW makes a great variety of vehicles, and it can be difficult to find the model that best fits what you are looking for in Macon. Our team can help you sort through BMW's lineup of Sport Activity Vehicles, which will make the task less daunting overall. Once they help you find some BMW SAVs that you are interested in, we recommend you take them for a spin to get the full picture.

One of BMW's most popular SAVs is the compact BMW X3 crossover. The X3 aims to provide you with a sporty daily driver that is incredibly capable around Milledgeville. The X3 can seat five passengers, and it has a decent size trunk. The X3 also comes with a decent assortment of technology that will help to keep you safe on the roads of Warner Robins.

The X5 is another Perry, GA favorite. The X5 is a mid-size SAV that has been setting the bar for the competition for decades now. One of the primary strengths of the X5 is its flexibility. BMW worked hard to ensure that the X5 would excel at any task that you would expect an SAV to do. The latest generation of X5 has acted as a pioneer for many of BMW's most advanced technologies and their new design language. The X5 can also be customized to fit the amount of performance you desire easily. You can even get the X5 in a high-performance variant.

The X7 is culmination and celebration of all of BMW's latest technologies and advancements. The X7 is the largest vehicle that BMW makes, and they have equipped it to be fit for royalty. The X7 is the hallmark of comfort and luxury in the SAV market due to its opulent interior and modern features. The X7 has technology that will help you navigate around Macon, and features that will keep you comfortable on a trip across Forsyth.

Test Drive a BMW SAV Today

Each of these BMW SAVs is unique and have their strengths. You can visit our showroom at BMW of Macon to get up close and personal with any BMW models that you are interested in, or you can have our staff help you find the BMW of your dreams.

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