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Five most dangerous roads in the world

road to hana maui 750x500 Five most dangerous roads in the world

As car enthusiasts, driving roads are magical places in which we can rev our engines, row our gears and roast some rubber. However, good driving roads are hard to come by. Often times, the typical roads we drive on are bland and boring straightish roads, filled with traffic lights and teenagers texting. It’s rare that we come by a road that gets our blood pumping. It’s even less often that we encounter a road so treacherous that it makes us think twice about actually driving on it. These roads exist, and have cult followings of daredevils who wish…

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9 Stunning Roads You Should Drive Before You’re 30

Car Throttle shows us nine stunning roads you should before you turn thirty.

In no particular order, here they are:

Col de Turini, France

The Col de Turini (el. 1607 m) is a high mountain pass in the Alps in the department of Alpes-Maritimes in France.

It is famous for a stage of the Monte Carlo Rally which is held on the tight road with its many hairpin turns. Until a few years ago, the Col de Turini was also driven at night, with thousands of fans watching the “night of the long knives” as it was called, due to…

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BMW Convertible For Spring

BMW Convertible For Spring

There are many convertibles that offer incredible driving experiences. BMW has three, in fact, which are worthy of your hard-earned enthusiast dollars


Spring is officially upon us. (BMW) It took quite awhile to feel it, at least here on the East Coast, but it’s finally here. Flowers are blossoming, trees are turning green again and that fresh smell is back in the air. So perfect time to do some top-down…

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Your BMW Stories

Share your BMW story with the world

Your BMW isn’t just a way to get from place to place, it is an expression of your personality and a part of your life story. Whether you refurbished a classic vehicle, dreamed of a BMW since you were a child, or are an art connoisseur who appreciates its unmistakably luxurious design aesthetic, each BMW story is unique.

Recently, drivers around the world have been sharing their…

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