The Run Flat Tire: One of BMW’s signature safety features (everything you need to know)

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What could be more frustrating than having a flat tire? It is frustrating no matter if you are hundreds of miles away from Warner Robins / Perry or just a few miles away from home or work in Macon.  Worse still, when a tire does go flat, you don't have many options to choose from.   

What is the other option? Run flat tires. Run-flat tires are standard equipment on most luxury vehicles, and BMW is no exception. BMW's run-flat tires come on nearly every BMW and here’s how they benefit you. 


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BMW Lease End Options: What is best for you and what to avoid (updated for 2023)

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Is your BMW lease deal reaching the end of its term? If the answer’s yes, it’s time to explore what options you have in Warner Robins. You have three choices when your lease is up: return the vehicle to our dealership, purchase the leased vehicle or lease another BMW. Everyone varies as to what their preferences are and what kind of auto financing fits their lifestyle and budget.  Find out which option is best for you -check out the list below. 


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5 reasons to consider a used luxury vehicle instead of a new standard car (that non-luxury makers don’t want you to know)

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The average price of a new car is now $40,000. Factors that contributed to this rise in cost are a demand for cars combined with the chip shortage and COVID-19 lowered production that began in 2020. When, if ever, will the prices of new cars return to pre-pandemic levels? We are not sure, but one way to still come out on top if you are in the market for a new car right now is to buy a used luxury vehicle 
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